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Medical Power of Attorney Medical Power of Attorney is a document that allows your chosen representative to communicate your wishes about your medical care should you become unable to do so yourself. In this document you will be assigning that responsibility to someone you trust to follow your desires as well as believe they have quality of judgment to make the right decision when options come up that were not discussed previously. Choosing the person you want to represent you is an important decision and you should consider all your options when contemplating who to appoint as your Medical Power of Attorney.
Medical POA is different than Physician's Directive or Living Will and it goes much farther in its functionality. A living will is useful in cases of end of life conditions. If you are temporarily unconscious or unable to communicate but not in a life ending situation a Medical Power of Attorney is needed to cover those instances. It will be a great help to your Medical POA if you have a living will. Physician's Directive can work along with a Medical POA and in some states even be a part of the same document. Today life support systems can keep someone alive for years. But you have the right to determine whether or not you want that type of life support. You can make sure that decisions are made that reflect your ethical or religious beliefs.
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